Others Who Served - B

Note: Many of Chelmsford’s streets have been renumbered since 1918, so the property numbers below may not necessarily relate to modern day property numbers.


BACON, Herbert

BACON, Jack (1894-)

BACON, John William

BACON, Percy

BACON, William Alfred

BACON, William Alfred

BAILES, Joseph Harry

BAILEY, George Henry

BAILEY, John Alfred (1896-


BAKER, Arthur

BAKER, Cedric Norman

BAKER, Clarence Edward Leonard Peear

BAKER, Ernest (1874-)

BAKER, Frank Leonard

BAKER, Frank Percival (1885-)

BAKER, Frederick Samuel

BAKER, George William

BAKER, James

BAKER, Sidney

BAILEY, Thomas

BAKER, Wilfred Ernest

BALDRY, Oliver  (1898-1949)

BALDWIN, Joseph William (1899-)

BALDWIN, William Thomas (1897-1971)

BALL, Clarence George


BALLARD, Charles Arthur

BALLS, Alec Ernest Walter

BALLS, Conrade Sidney

BAMFORD, Alfred Bennett


BANHAM, George

BANHAM, William

BANKS, Albert (1897-)




BANNISTER, Leonard Victor

BANNISTER, Stanley Claude

BARDEN, Harry Richard


BARFORD, William

BARFORD, William James (1881-1958)


BARKER, Alfred Elijah (1876-1958)

BARKER, Arthur Edward

BARKER, Charles Albert

BARKER, Harold

BARKER, Ronald Alfred

BARKER, Walter Charles

BARKER, William

BARKER, William

BARKER, William George

BARKER, William Henry

BARKER, William James (1891-1960)

BARNARD, Charles Frank

BARNARD, Charles Sidney

BARNARD, Frank Leonard

BARNARD, John Rees

BARNARD, Richard Albert

BARNARD, Thomas Clifford

BARNES, Anthony


BARNES, Ernest Bertram

BARNES, Thomas Arthur

BARNES, William Claude

BARNEVELD, Alexander William

BARRETT, Lennard Alder

BASS, Sidney Charles (1899-1965)

BATES, Batus Victor

BATES, Ernest (1884-1968)

BAYES, Frederick Daniel

BEACH, William Allan

BEADEL, Charles Samuel

BEADLE, Albert

BEAL, Alfred Charles (1890-1964)

BEARD, Arthur

BEARD, William John Howard



BECKETT, Eric Ewart

BECKETT, Frank Humphery

BECKETT, Harry Herbert

BECKETT, William Henry John

BECKWITH, Frederick William


BEDFORD, Fred Herbert

BEDFORD, Harold Edward Sayer

BEDFORD, William Arthur



BEETON, Albert Victor Wallace

BELCHAM, Henry Stammers (1857-1923)

BELL, Albert Victor

BELL, Arthur

BELL, Arthur

BELL, Charles

BELLAMY, Harry Samuel




BELMONT, James Thomas

BENNETT, John Edmund

BENSON, Thomas William

BENTALL, Anthony Frank

BENTLEY, Alfred Aaron

BENTLEY, George Thomas

BENTLEY, Ralph James Victor

BENTON, Henry Charles


BEVAN, Ernest James

BEWERS, Edward Thomas (1881-1960)

BEWERS, Oliver George (1885-1974)

BEWERS, William Golden (1883-1983)

BIGGS, Edward A.


BINDOFF, Frederick Edwin

BINGHAM, Henry John

BIRD, Percival Ernest

BIRD, Robert John

BIRD, Sidney Charles (1891-)

BLACKBURN, James Henry

BLACKBURN, Henry James (1893-1965)

BLAKE, Alexander Granville

BLAKE, Frederick Wallace Hastings

BLAKE, John Wallace

BLAKE, Thomas (c1876-)

BLANKS, Albert Henry (1886-1970)

BLANKS. Albert Henry

BLANKS, Arthur William (1884-1969)

BLOOMFIELD, George (1877-1918) +

BLUNDELL, John (1879-1936)


BLYTHE, Frederick William

BOCKING, Cecil Loynes


BOHANNON, Stanley Philemon

BOLINGBROKE, Hale Westrop (1880-1936)

Address - Unit served with

Ye Olde Spotted Dog Tindal Street

6 Chelmer Place

42 Cramphorn Road

45 New Street

9 Church Street

9 Cottage Place

3 Dora Terrace Baddow Road

61 Upper Bridge Road

6 Orchard Street - Royal Field Artillery

5 Star Terrace, Baddow Road - Royal Engineers

84 Lower Anchor Street

4 Cottage Place

Market Road

49 Duke Street - Essex Regiment

12 Weight Road\

12 King Edward’s Avenue - Army Service Corps (MT)

Market Road

28 Hamlet Road

Moulsham - Suffolk Regiment

121 Bishop Road


2 King Edward’s Avenue

10 Lower Anchor Street - Beds & Herts Regiment



25 Rainsford Lane

6 Cottage Place

6 Cottage Place

19 Rainsford Lane

16 Navigation Road

224 Moulsham Street

44 High Street

Lynton House Rosebery Road

44 High Street

Bishop’s Hall Mill - Essex Regiment & RASC

1A Bradford Street

16 Coval Road


3 Crompton Street

3 Crompton Street

14 Victoria Crescent

Moulsham - Essex Regiment

2 Black Horse Yard

61 (back of) Moulsham Street - Essex Regiment


2 Wolseley Road - Royal Engineers

17 Hill Road

17 Hill Road

16 Lady Lane

125 Moulsham Street - Royal Fuslieers

24 Burgess Well Road

7 Wolseley Road

Moulsham - Royal Engineers

80 Moulsham Street

17 Hill Road

136 Moulsham Street - Royal Garrison Artillery

36 Springfield Road

1 Back of St. Mary’s Church Church Street

21 Railway Street

3 Rose Villas Fairfield Road

38 High Street

187 Springfield Road

3 Meadowside Rectory Road


4 Jubilee Terrace

4 Jubilee Terrace

Nerasa Rectory Road

8 Chapel Place Mill Road

72 Manor Road

90 Lower Anchor Street - Royal Engineers

11 The Vineyards

46 Lower Anchor Street - Royal Engineers

29 Regina Road

18 Rainsford Avenue

5 Duke Street

5 Church Street

6 Lionfield Terrace - Royal Artillery

11 Rochford Road

31 Hamlet Road

7 Roman Road

Moulsham Street - Middlesex Regiment

98 Mildmay Road

98 Mildmay Road

64 Springfield Road

64 Springfield Road

7 Mildmay Road

13 Nelson Road

3 Weight Road

3 Weight Road

56 Swiss Avenue

Moulsham Street

Moulsham Street - Middlesex Regiment

14 Marconi Road

32 Broomfield Road - Army Service Corps

173A Springfield Road

66 Upper Bridge Road

173 Springfield Road

66 Upper Bridge Road

4 Fairfield Road




5 Gainsborough Crescent

12 Hamlet Road

55 Victoria Road

Mildmay Road

Garden Cottage Arbour Lane

Garden Cottage Arbour Lane

27 Upper Bridge Road

26 Park Road

Moulsham - Hussars

3 Hill Road

6 Harris’ Cottages Widford - Essex Regiment

68 Waterhouse Street - London Regiment

Holly Cottage Widford - Royal Engineers

73 Swiss Avenue

14 Van Dieman’s Road

61 Rainsford Road

9 Anchor Street - Bedford Regiment

44 Mildmay Road

2 Navigation Road

2 Navigation Road - Essex Regiment

Lion & Lamb Cottages Duke Street

Widford - Royal Navy

Commandant's House Springfield Road

Commandant's House Springfield Road

Commandant's House Springfield Road

7 Nelson Road - Essex Regiment

117 Springfield Road

119 Springfield Road

117 Springfield Road - Royal Engineers

4 Townfield Street - Essex Regiment

5 Harris’ Cottages Widford - Army Ordnance Corps

35 Vicarage Road

22 Tower Avenue

Rainsford Avenue

18 Primrose Hill

9 Navigation Road

The Hutch Springfield Road - London Regiment


BOLLEN, Thomas Collier

BOND, Charles William Henry

BONESS, William Redman (1890-1915) +

BONIMI, Alfred

BONNER, George Edward

BONNETT, William

BOON, Walter William

BOSSOM, George Charles

BOTWRIGHT, Havelook Roland Victor

BOULTON, William

BOWDIE, Fred Poppy

BOWERMAN, Alexander

BOWERMAN, Edward Mecklenburgh Robert


BOWERS, Oliver George

BOWTLE, Basil Benjamin

BOWYER, Charles .

BOX, George

BOYLE, James

BRADLEY, Ernest George

BRAEME, Clifford Henry

BRAGG, Leonard Silverstone (1884-1965)

BRAND, Arthur

BRAND, Edwin Herbert (1895-1964)

BRAND, Ernest John (1899-1990)

BRAZIER, Alfred Herbert (1886-1966)

BRAZIER, Edmund Barmes (1880-1955)

BRAZIER, Frank Leonard


BREWER, George

BREWER, Percy Thomas

BREWSTER, Alfred George


BRIANT, Ernest Arthur (1874-1935)

BRIDGE, Cecil Ernest


BRIDGE, Henry John

BRIDGMAN, Arthur Edwin

BRIDGMAN, James Henry

BRIDGMAN, Leslie (1891-1974)

BRIGHT, Hugh Arthur

BRIGHTEN, Walter Henry


BRITTON, John Ernest

BROADWAY, Victor Stephen (1896-1969)

BROOKER, Albert William

BROOKES, Charles William

BROTHERTON, Albert Victor (1897-1964)

BROWN, Alan Davidson

BROWN, Arthur Hugh

BROWN, Arthur Hugh

BROWN, Arthur James


BROWN, Bertie

BROWN, Charles Albert (1887-1957)

BROWN, Charles Horace

BROWN, Clarence Arthur (1896-1918) +

BROWN, Donovan William

BROWN, Ernest Edward

BROWN, Frank

BROWN, Frank H.

BROWN, Frederick

BROWN, Frederick

BROWN, Frederick

BROWN, Hobert

BROWN, Horace Flint (1892-1974)

BROWN, Horace Henry

BROWN, James

BROWN, James

BROWN, James Walter

BROWN, Jethro Thomas

BROWN, Jethro Thomas

BROWN, Lloyd

BROWN, Percy

BROWN, Percy

BROWN, Robert

BROWN, Stanley Henry

BROWN, Thomas Frank (1898-1972)

BROWN, William Henry (1893-)

BROYD, William George (1897-1917) +

BRUNDLE, Ernest Edward

BRYANT, Charles Alfred

BUCK, Absalom

BUCK, Arthur

BUCK, Charles James

BUCK, George Jabez

BUCK, James (1889-1954)


BUCKINGHAM, Henry Walter

BUCKINGHAM, Percival Welch

BUCKINGHAM, Percival Welch

BUCKMAN, William

BUDD, Wilfred McHowarth

BUDDLE, Robert John (1884-1947)

BULL, Robert

BULLARD, George Robert


BULLOCK, Thomas George

BUNGAY, Frank Aubrey

BUNN, Arthur Charles

BUNN, William John


BURLS, Stanley John

BURR, Alfred

BURR, Harry

BURTON, Harry James

BURTON, Joseph

BURTON. James Alfred

BURTON, Stanley

BURTON, Stanley


BUSH, William

BUSH, William

BUSH, William


BUTCHER, Alfred Ernest

BUTCHER, Ernest Charles

BUTCHER, Herbert George

BUTCHER, Stanley (1899-1974)

BUTCHER, William John

BUTLER, Kenneth

BYATT, George William

BYATT, Harvey

BYATT, Leonard

BYATT, Stanley


BYFORD, Walter Mitchell

BYFORD, William John (1898-1981)

BYSOUTH, George Clarence (1886-1952)

Address - Unit served with

82 Mildmay Road

50 New Street

10 Upper Roman Road - Royal Army Medical Corps

138 Bishop Road

46 Townfield Street

Tudor House Widford End

2 Park Avenue

74 Waterhouse Street

23 Queen’s Road

23 Baddow Road

Rothesay Avenue

12 Roman Road

179 Springfield Road

24 Waterhouse Lane

48 Mildmay Road

Chelmer Place

Post Office High Street

120 Bishop Road - Army Service Corps

47 Navigation Road

176 Moulsham Street

1 Widford End

14 Rochford Road

37 Victoria Road - Army Service Corps

37 Victoria Road


Widford (PoW)

Glen Cottages Galleywood

1 French’s Square

17 Duke Street - Army Service Corps

46 Primrose Hill

13 Regina Road

80 Baddow Road

42 New Street - Royal Field Artillery

27 Queen’s Road


14 Goldlay Road

5 Cable's Yard Moulsham Street

5 Cable's Yard Moulsham Street

2 Upper Roman Road - Army Service Corps

181 Springfield Road

Tulip Cottage Arbour Lane

38 Regina Road

2 Nelson Road

9 Elm Road

56 Nursery Road

4 Marconi Road

4 Rainsford Road - Essex Regiment

58 Hill Road

Garden Cottage Rectory Road

Garden Cottage Arbour Lane

60 Swiss Avenue

28 Grove Road

163 Moulsham Street - Army Service Corps

5 Mill Road - Royal Engineers

17 Broomfield Road

7 School View Road - Queen's Own Regiment

28 Hill Road

41 Broomfield Road

17 Broomfield Road

17 Broomfield Road

7 Cable’s Cottages - Army Service Corps

51 South Primrose Hill

Union House Wood Street

174 Moulsham Street

38 Tower Avenue - King's Royal Rifle Corps

140 Upper Bridge Road

10 Springfield Road

28 Grove Road

24 Park Avenue

146 Moulsham Street

146 Moulsham Street

16 Goldlay Road

5 School View Row School View

28 Grove Road - Norfolk Regiment

Lynton House Grove Road

5 Navigation Road

38 Tower Avenue

38 Tower Avenue - Army Service Corps (MT)

18 Rectory Lane - Machine Gun Corps

The Lodge Broomfield Road

42 Regina Road

42 Goldlay Road

42 Goldlay Road

34 Upper Bridge Road

75 Broomfield Road

42 Goldlay Road - Machine Gun Corps

New Street

30 Burgess Well Road

13 High Street

48 New London Road

130 Bishop Road

181 Springfield Road

26 Rainsford Lane - Essex Regiment

3 Cable's Yard Moulsham Street

25 St. John’s Road

31 Springfield Road

2 Legg Street

10 Belle Vue Cottages Belle Vue

Near Goat Hall Galleywood

Near Goat Hall Galleywood

Faircross Springfield Road

211 Springfield Road

10 Railway Street

11 Railway Street

35 Townfield Street

7 Railway Square

45 Townfield Street

8 Wolseley Road - Military Police

Lion & Lamb Hotel, Duke Street - Royal Horse Artillery

12 Riverside

27 Maltese Road

29 Upper Roman Road

29 Roman Road


Dovedale Cottage Victoria Road

102 Springfield Road

102 Springfield Road

34 Nursery Road - Kings Royal Rifle Corps

8 New Writtle Street

63 Manor Road

9 Embankment Terrace

29 Springfield Road

29 Springfield Road

22 Bradford Street

Moulsham - Canadians

215 Springfield Road

28 Wood Street - Royal West Kent Regiment

7 Marconi Road