Others Who Served - C

Note: Many of Chelmsford’s streets have been renumbered since 1918, so the property numbers below may not necessarily relate to modern day property numbers.


CABLE, Leslie Edward (1897-1960)

CADEY, Arthur

CADEY, Edward

CADEY, George

CADEY, James

CADEY, Thomas

CADRY, Thomas

CALEY, Jesse Robert (1900-1986)

CALEY, Robert

CALVER, David Henry (1898-1987)

CALVER, Ernest Ambrose (1891-1916) +

CALVER, John Douglas (1894-1988)

CALWAY, Arthur Edward (1891-1966)

CAMPBELL, William Robert

CAMPEN, William (1878-1949)

CANHAM, Arthur

CANHAM, Sidney

CANT, Edward Allen (1900-1979)

CANT, Frederick Claude (1895-)

CARD, Frank Uzziel




CARNELL, Albert Edward

CARR, Albert George (1884-1956)

CARR, Henry

CARTER, Arthur

CARTER, Charles

CARTER, Charles

CARTER, Charles


CARTER, Henry James

CARTER, Herbert Henry

CATLING, Robert Ophir

CATON, Albert William

CATT, Walter Ralph

CATTLE, Alan Frederic (1897-1968)

CATTLE, Alfred William (1899-1921) +

CATTLE, Lionel Charles (1890-1964)

CHALLIS, Austin Jubilee (1887-1918) +

CHALLIS, Bertram Edward

CHALLIS, Charles

CHALLIS, Joseph Arthur

CHALLIS, Sidney George

CHAPMAN, Sidney Arthur

CHAPPELL, Percy Charles


CHARLICK, Bertie Thomas

CHARLICK, Ernest Charles Henry (1898-1956)

CHARLICK, Walter George

CHARLISH, George Frederick

CHARLISH, Percy Jack

CHARLISH, William Alfred

CHEATER, Arthur Percy William (1893-1935)


CHILVER, Sydney George


CHOAT, Charles Colin

CHOAT, Charles Collin (1883-1946)

CHOAT, Jack Arthur (1899-1965)

CHURCH, Harry Joseph


CIARKE, William George

CLAMP, Albert (1878-1961)

CLARINGBOULD, Fred Archer (1884-

CLARK, Alfred Roberts

CLARK, Arthur Austin

CLARK, Arthur George

CLARK, Arthur George

CLARK, Charles (1885-1917) +

CLARK, Ernest James

CLARK, Frank Tate Edward

CLARK, Henry

CLARK, James

CLARK, Walter


CLARKE, George

CLARKE, Herbert (1885-)

CLARKE, Herbert

CLARKE, John Henry

CLARKE, Percy John

CLARKE, Walter Henry

CLARKSON, Alick (1892-1965)

CLARKSON, Oswald Ethelbert (1895-1921)


CLAYDON, Frederick

CLAXTON, Arthur Leonard Victor (1896-1956

CLAYDON, Wille (1894-1963)

CLIFFORD, Henry James

CLIST, Hubert Arthur

CLIST, Leonard Frank

COATES, Douglas William

COATES, Eric Allen

COATES, Ronald Verey

COBB, Kenneth James Nigel

COCKS, Harry Portwood (1886-1955)

COGDALE, Frank Horace

COGDALE, Stanley

COLE, Alfred

COLE, Arthur John

COLE, Charles Joseph

COLE, Charles Joseph (1893-1972)

COLE, Ernest James (1877-)

COLE, George

COLE, Harry Armstrong (1891-)

Address - Unit served with

13 School View - Royal Fusileers

14 Union Yard Tindal Street

14 Union Yard Tindal Street

14 Union Yard Tindal Street

14 Union Yard Tindal Street

14 Union Yard Tindal Street

14 Weight Road

7 Waterhouse Farm Waterhouse Lane

Waterhouse Farm Waterhouse Lane

9 Grove Road

7 Belle Vue - Essex Regiment

9 Grove Road

73 Mildmay Road - Royal Engineers

119 Bishop Road

33 Baddow Road -  Royal Engineers

33 New Writtle Street - Army Service Corps

1 Waterloo Lane

Rectory Cottage, Rectory Lane - Training Reserve

Rectory Cottage, Rectory Lane - Machine Gun Corps

58 South Primrose Hill

8 Hall Street - Essex Regiment

Moulsham - Essex Regiment

Moulsham - HMS Ostrich

5 Railway Street

12 Victoria Road - Royal Army Service Corps

17 Springfield Road

Mill Sandford Road

67 High Street - Army Service Corps

43 Manor Road

223 Moulsham Street

Writtle Road

49 Baddow Road

31 Swiss Avenue

The Potteries Broomfield Road

Rainsford Avenue

7 Rainsford Avenue

38 Springfield Road - Machine Gun Corps

38 Springfield Road - Essex Regiment

8 Duke Street - Royal Field Artillery

71 Waterhouse Lane - Royal Field Artillery

9 Marriage’s Square

71 Waterhouse Lane

43 Victoria Road

36 Lower Anchor Street

3 Embankment Terrace

59 Victoria Road

59 Victoria Road

2 Lion Field Springfield Road

5 Phillips' Cottages Arbour Lane

- Lincolnshire Regiment

140 Springfield Road

75 Moulsham Street

75 Moulsham Street

75 Moulsham Street

5 School View

29 Goldlay Road

1 Bradford Street

2 Queen Street

1 Mildmay Road

83 Baddow Road

1 Manor Road - Machine Gun Corps

13 Hall Street

15 Regina Road

6 Nursery Road

47 Cramphorn Road - Royal Garrison Artillery

200 Upper Bridge Road - Royal Navy

Springfield Green

34 Regina Road

2 Hamlet Road

8 Hill Road

1 Compasses Road

8 Hill Road

31 High Street

1 Broomfield Road

65 Duke Street

Cottage Sandford Road

7 Friars

1 Star Terrace Baddow Road

20 Duke Street - London Regiment

South Cottage Cottage Place

38 Regina Road

60 Moulsham Street

19 Regina Road

Woodlands Galleywood - Royal Navy

Hickridge Roxwell Road - Royal West Kent Regiment


16 New Writtle Street

9 Orchard Street - Bedfordshire Regiment

3 Cramphorn Road - Suffolk Yeomanry

31 Nursery Road

36 Victoria Road

36 Victoria Road

12 High Street

12 High Street

12 High Street

25 Victoria Crescent

Windermere Goldlay Road - Suffolk Regiment

27 George Street

27 George Street

50 Victoria Road

Marconi Road

2 Friars

153 Upper Bridge Road - Labour Corps

18 Admiral Road - Royal West Kent Regiment

10 Henry Road

1 Victoria Road - Essex Regiment


COLE, Henry James Charles

COLE, Herbert (1882-1950)

COLE, William George

COLEMAN, Alfred Maurice Henry (1888-1964)

COLEMAN, Arthur George (1892-1982)

COLEMAN, Cyril Morton (1892-1955)

COLEMAN, David Frederick (1889-1980)

COLEMAN, George Alexander (1890-1980)

COLEMAN, Leonard John (1896-)

COLEMAN, William Ephrahim Samuel

COLES, Albert David

COLES, Arthur Harry

COLES, Edwin Francis

COLES, Henry George Percy



COLLICOTT, Alfred Walter (1894-1973)

COLLICOTT, Charles Edward (1882-1963)

COLLICOTT, Frank William (1881-1957)

COLLINGWOOD, Victor Charles William (1868-1935)

COLLINS, Frank (1881-)

COLLINS, Frederick

COLLINS, Frederick George


COLLINS, William Arthur

COLLIS, Stanley Eric

CONEY, Arthur Charles

COOCH, Charles Albert

COOK, Albert

COOK, Arthur James

COOK, Clifford Harry

COOK, Cyril Davies

COOK, Ernest

COOK, Frank Leopold

COOK, Frederick Charles (1893-1967)

COOK, Frederick Samuel

COOK, George

COOK, John H

COOK, Reginald

COOK, Victor

COOK, William

COOKE, David Frederick

COOPER, Alfred

COOPER, Cyril Percy (1892-1960)

COOPER, Henry James


COOPER, John Albert

COOPER, William Charles

COPPEN, Henry James

COPPEN, Stanley

COPPIN, William Peter David

COPSEY, Frederick William

COPSEY, Sidney Arthur (1878-1941)

CORNELL, Albert Edward (1886-1965)

CORNELL, Bertie Ernest

CORNELL, Wilson Herbert (1884-1969)

CORNER, Gladys Evelina Maud

COSSEY, Stephen

COTTEE, Arthur Francis

COULTEN, Eustace

COULTEN, Spencer W

COULTER, Spencer William


COURTMAN, Christopher (1866-1940)



COUSINS, Francis Percy

COUSINS, William Thomas

COWARD, Richard Harvey

COWELL, Alfred John


COWELL, Henry Thomas (1885-1941)

COWELL, Walter Thomas


COWLER, Stanley Arthur

COX, Frederick

COX, Frederick Arthur (1884-1917) +  

COX, Joseph William

CRABB, Leonard

CRANFIELD, Charles Henry

CRANFIELD, George Albert

CRANFIELD, George Albert

CRAWFORD, Charles James

CRAWFORD, John Douglas Reid

CREE, Robert (1898-1960)

CRISP, Christopher

CRITTALL, Daniel Frederick

CROSIER, Frederick William

CROSSLEY, Stanley Theo (1892-1966)

CROW, Fred

CROW, William James

CROWE, Arthur Cyril

CROWE, Arthur Cyril

CROWE, Percy Edwin

CROWE, Percy Edwin

CROWE, Walter Fred

CROWE, William James

CROZIER, Robert Victor


CRUMPEN, Henry George (1882-1918) +

CRUSH, George

CUFF, Herbert Charles

CULLEN, John George

CURLEY, William Andrew

CURTIS, William George (1894-)

CUTTS, Charles

Address - Unit served with

98 Lower Anchor Street

7 Seymour Street - Army Service Corps

Marconi Road

89 New London Road - Honorable Artillery Company

3 Railway Cottages Widford - Army Service Corps

89 New London Road - RAMC

Widford - Essex Regiment

89 New London Road

89 New London Road

36 Wood Street

29 Fairfield Road

The Firs Cottage Place

29 Fairfield Road

10 Henry Road

6 Maltese Road

1 Mildmay Terrace Goldlay Road

30 Primrose Hill - Royal Engineers

30 Primrose Hill - 17th Lancers, AVC

30 Primrose Hill - KOYLI

14 Waterhouse Street - Army Ordnance Corps

Chapel House New London Road - RASC

33 Lower Anchor Street

7 Waterhouse Street

114 Upper Bridge Road

7 Waterhouse Street

14 Upper Roman Road

115 Bishop Road

13 French’s Square

221 Upper Bridge Road

85 Upper Bridge Road

9 Railway Cottages Arbour Lane

6 Wolseley Road

6 Wolseley Road

25 Goldlay Road

9 Belle Vue - Machine Guns Corps

9 Railway Cottages Arbour Lane

Moulsham - Essex Regiment

Moulsham - The Buffs

97 Springfield Road

6 Wolseley Road

9 Belle Vue

20 Baddow Road

83 Springfield Road

10 Rochford Road - Royal Garrison Artillery

3 Marconi Road

10 Rochford Road

7 Waterhouse Lane

7 Waterhouse Lane

54 South Primrose Hill

54 South Primrose Hill

2 Roman Road

1 Regina Road

10 Mill Road - Labour Corps

5 Railway Square - Royal Engineers

1 Willow Villas Coval Road

Willow Terrace Coval Lane - Army Service Corps

27 New London Road

4 Brockley Road

12 Parker Road

Moulsham - Essex Regiment

Moulsham - Royal Navy

55 New Writtle Street

9 Steamer Row

13 Bishop Road - Essex Regiment

8 Bell Yard Tindal Street

8 Union Yard Tindal Street

186 Moulsham Street

5 Springfield Road

80 Springfield Road

24 Lower Anchor Street


13 New Street - Royal Engineers

38 Moulsham Street

36 High Street - Army Service Corps

61 Primrose Hill


25 Maltese Road - Royal Garrison Artillery

28 Primrose Hill

18 Goldlay Road - Army Service Corps

Robjohn’s Farm Widford - Army Service Corps

10 Waterhouse Lane

2 Waterhouse Lane

24 Gainsborough Crescent

15 Rosebery Road

139 Springfield Road- Royal Scots Fusileers (pow)

Tindal Street

New House New London Road

8 Rainsford Lane

14 Phillips' Cottages Arbour Lane - Essex Regiment

21 Baddow Road

12 Primrose Hill

2 Caxton Villas Cottage Place

South Cottage Cottage Place

2 Caxton Villas Cottage Place

South Cottage Cottage Place

South Cottage Cottage Place

12 Primrose Hill

Laurels New Street

32 High Street

4 Roman Road - York & Lancaster Regiment

21 Broomfield Road

2 New Street

147 Moulsham Street

17 French’s Square

12 Nursery Road - Lincoln Regiment

9 Compasses Row