Others Who Served - K

Note: Many of Chelmsford’s streets have been renumbered since 1918, so the property numbers below may not necessarily relate to modern day property numbers.


KEEBLE, Arthur George

KEEBLE, Basil Samuel

KEEBLE, Walter Frederick

KEMP, Bertie

KEMP, Ernest

KEMP, Frederick John

KEMP, Leonard Charles

KEMP, Leonard Charles

KEMP, Percy Albert

KEMP, Richard

KEMP, William George

KENNEY, John Bertram

KENT, Frederick

KENT, Frederick William

KENT, Harry


KERSEY, Ernest William

KETLEY, Bertie

KETLEY, Charles

Address - Unit served with

35 Park Avenue

8 Railway Cottages Arbour Lane

27 Regina Road

7 Parker Road

24 George Street

11 Haycock’s Row

9 Albert Terrace Baddow Road

12 Sandford Road

12 Sandford Road

24 George Street

12 Sandford Road

St. Helen's Cottage Baddow Road

22 Wood Street

123 New London Road

23 George Street

23 George Street

Union House Wood Street

15 Coval Road

70 Swiss Avenue


KETLEY, Dennis

KETLEY, Edmund King


KETLEY, George Herbert

KETLEY, Lawrence Victor

KEVAN, Douglas Seeley


KING, Alfred

KING, Cecil Frederick

KING, Edward Clark

KING, Edward Hamilton

KING, George

KING, Percy Levi

KING, Percy

KINGSTON, William George

KIRKBY, Frederick Weldon

KIRKBY, James Herbert

KNIGHT, Alfred William Thomas

KNIGHT, John Archer

KNIGHTS, Percy Valentine Charles

KONTER, Arnold Edward John (c1872-1935)

Address - Unit served with

24 Navigation Road

100 Lower Anchor Street

24 Admiral Road

6 Rainsford Road

17 Navigation Road

Hill Road

4 Lion & Lamb Yard Duke Street

13 Waterhouse Street

Springfield Dukes Springfield Green

18 Navigation Road

Springfield Dukes Springfield Green

13 Waterhouse Street

Killegrews Cottage Widford

Killegrews Lodge Widford

Robjohns Farm Widford

36 Mildmay Road

36 Mildmay Road

38 Wood Street

Rose Cottages Galleywood

75 Upper Bridge Road

Holly Cottage Galleywood - RMLI