Gladstone Faulkner ‘Tony’ Herd was Boreham-born, the son of a former Scots Guard who served in two wars. Tony work as a sawyer in Chelmsford and served in the Home Guard before joining the army. He landed in Normany a few weeks after D-Day and died from wounds there in August 1944. His home was in Park Avenue, Chelmsford.

Tony was born in Boreham in 1926, the only son to reach adulthood of Scottish-born Alexander George Herd (1880-1966) and Edith Maud Herd (nee Fulcher) (1885-1963). His parents had married in London in 1918, his father having served in both the South African and First World Wars in the Scots Guards from whom he was invalided after being badly wounded at the Battle of the Somme.

Tony's siblings included Constance Herd (1919-1996), Barbara Herd (born in 1921), and George M. Herd (1924-1924).

Gladstone Faulkner HERD, Private, 7th Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Killed in France. Aged 18

After leaving school Tony worked as a sawyer for the Chelmsford-based firm Messrs L.P. Foreman & Son. He spent two years in the 6th Battalion of the Essex Home Guard then when 18 joined up, initially with the Essex Regiment. He was transferred as Private 14437457 in the 7th Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and landed in Normandy a few weeks after D-Day. He was well-built, six feet tall, a keen boxer and interested in sport.

He died from wounds on 15th August 1944, aged 18 years and nine months. At the time of his death Tony's parents were living at 8 Park Avenue in Chelmsford, while a sister was serving in the A.T.S.

Today Tony lies in grave VIII. C. 9. in Ryes War Cemetery, Bazenville. Calvados in France.