Edward Herbert Tomlin died from wounds in a Chelmsford hospital in July 1917.

Edward was born in Kent in 1891. During the war he served as Private GS153 in the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). He served in its 9th Battalion in France from 31st May 1915 to 9th July 1916. Later he joined the 2nd Battalion and served in France from 11th January 1917 to 5th February 1917; joining the 1st Battalion the following day. He was wounded in France in June 1917 and was evacuated back to England on 16th June 1917.

Aged 26, he died from his wounds at the Red Cross Hospital in New London Road on 3rd July 1917. At the time his home was in Shepherd's Bush.

TOMLIN, Edward Herbert*,

Private, Royal Fusiliers

A Chelmsford newspaper reported:

"Soldier's Death.—The death of Pt. E. H. Tomlin, Royal Fusiliers, took place at the Red Cross Hospital, London Road, from wounds which rendered his case hopeless from the first. On Wednesday morning the coffin containing the mortal remains of the deceased was borne on a gun carriage preceded by a regimental band, to the railway station, en route to Shepherds Bush, dceased's home, for interment. The wounded at the hospital and members of the Hospital staff inarched behind the gun-carriage, and wreaths from the wounded and the hospital staff were placed on the coffin."