Douglas Joseph King worked for Brown and Sons timber merchants in Chelmsford prior to joining the  army. He married in Nottinghamshire in 1943 and he died there early the following year. His parents lived in Widford Chase, Chelmsford.

Douglas was born in the Billericay registration district in 1920, the son of Arthur Joseph King (1872-1949) and Margaret Ada King (nee Lovell) (1883-1977). His parents had married in Essex in 1918 and the following year had a son, Arthur N. King.

During the Second World War Douglas served as Private 10587058 in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, having previously worked for the Chelmsford timber merchants Brown & Sons.

Douglas’ mother had previously been married to William James Powell (1887-1917), producing a daughter Margaret Elsie Powell (1910-1991). Later she would marry a Mr. Locke.

In 1943 Douglas married Manchester-born Mary Theresa Mulvey in Nottinghamshire.

On 16th January 1944 he died in Nottingham. His parents lived at 10 Widford Chase in Widford.

On 29th January 1944 his funeral service was held at St. Mary’s Church in Widford by Rev. E. H. O. Bennett, with burial afterwards at Chelmsford Borough Cemetery (grave: 5685). He is commemorated on the Widford war memorial.

Douglas Joseph KING, Private, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Died in Nottinghamshire. Aged 23

In 1977 the ashes of Douglas’ mother, Margaret Ada Locke (aged 94) were added to his grave and in 1991 the ashes of his half-sister Margaret Elise Powell (aged 80) were also interred there.

After his death Douglas’ wife lived in Pendleton, Salford, Lancashire.