Hannah Sewell came to Chelmsford from Bishop's Stortford, married and had three children. She died in May 1941 when a bomb intended for Marconi's New Street factory missed its target and demolished her house in Marconi Road.

Hannah was born in Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire in 1882, the daughter of Edward Sewell and Fanny Sewell. Her siblings included: George Edward Sewell (born in 1886) and Albert Sewell (born in 1890).

Hannah married Sidney Whybrow in 1901. The couple went on to have at least three Chelmsford-born children: Dorothy Kathleen Whybrow (born c1902), Elsie Lilian Whybrow (born in 1905), and Florence Irene Whybrow (born in 1907).

In 1911 the census found Hannah, her husband, three daughters and a lodger at 1 Railway Square in Chelmsford. Her husband was a plasterer.

Hannah WHYBROW (nee SEWELL), Civilian

Killed during an air raid in Marconi Road, Chelmsford. Aged 59

Hannah was killed on 9th May 1941 when a bomb from a lone German aircraft intended for the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd. factory in New Street, Chelmsford went astray and demolished her home, 72 Marconi Road, one of a terrace of six houses. She was crushed by falling masonry. She lived there with her husband, a nightwatchman and former builder, and a lodger, Frank William Coe,

Hannah and the lodger were both buried in the rubble. While she was killed he escaped practically uninjured. A neighbour, Charles Ray, was fatally injured next door at 70 Marconi Road.

The bomb demolished three properties in Marconi Road (nos. 70, 72 & 74) and two others were believed damaged beyond repair (nos. 76 & 78). The sixth house in the terrace, no. 80, was seriously damaged as were five others (nos. 62, 64, 66, 68 & 82).

Hannah's funeral service was held at Holy Trinity Church, Springfield on May 15th 1943. She left an estate valued at £488 17s. to her husband who moved to 97 Sandford Road after the bombing. He died in 1964.