Gerald Ivor Blundell was killed at his home in Widford Chase during the 'Chelmsford Blitz' in May 1943.

Gerald was born in Essex in 1925, the son of John Blundell (1900-1966) and Emma Julia Blundell (nee Rayner) (1887-1964), His parents had married in 1921. Gerald had a younger sister born in 1928. Gerald's mother was the widow of Edgar Rayner who was killed in the First World War and is commemorated on Widford's war memorial.

In the early hours of 14th May 1943 Chelmsford experienced what was to prove to be its heaviest air raid of the war. In a sharp attack that lasted for just over an hour, the German air force, the Luftwaffe, dropped a large number of high explosive, incendiaries and parachute landmines which caused extensive damage to residential, commercial and industrial properties in the town, and led to the deaths of more than 50 people including Gerald.

Gerald Ivor BLUNDELL, Civilian

Killed during an air raid at 11a Widford Chase, Chelmsford. Age 17

He died at his home, 11A Widford Chase, from injuries caused either by a 50 kg SC High Explosive bomb, one of a string of five that fell near the railway or anti-aircraft shell splinters. Gerald was 17 when he was killed. His home was numbered 11A instead of 13, presumably because the latter was thought unlucky.

Gerald was buried at St. Mary's Church, Widford on 19th May 1943.