The Hoffmann Manufacturing Company: First World War

The following are the men whose deaths in the First World War are commemorated.by the Hoffmann Manufacturing Company War Memorial,

now located at Chelmsford Cathedral following the closure of the Ransom Hoffmann Pollard factory in 1989.

William George BACON   Leonard Raven BERRY   Clarence Arthur BROWN*   William George BROYD   W CLARK   H J CLIFT

William John Martin COOPER DCM   Archibald James COPPEN   A J DAY   W DRURY   William Henry EVERARD   Frank Brewster GREEN

George Albert GRIDLEY   C HARRIS   Frederick Charles HUNT   Simion Louis KAUFMANN   B LING   Bertie LING*   James Leslie LOVE  

Herbert Thomas MANTELL   Frederick MINNS MM   Henry MINNS   Harry Leon MYALL   Harry NOKES   Frank PAVITT

Charles Clement PILLEY   Frank  PRESTNEY   Bertie RADLEY*   Arthur Samuel RAWLINSON   Frederick Samuel REDMAN

Frederick Charles Guiver ROLFE   Frederick James RUFFELL   Harry Albert RUTLEDGE   Colin George SMITH*   Frank Morris STEVENS

Burwood  Jesse THURSTON   Herbert William TUFFIN   Henry James TWINN   Frederick John TYLER   B WILLIS   Stanley George WILLIS*

George William WRIGHT   H WRIGHT