Chelmsford War Memorial: Relatives Commemorated

There are many relatives commemorated by this website:


Hubert BANHAM and William BANHAM

Charles Edward BROWN and Herbert William COX-BROWN

Alfred William CATTLE and Arthur John CATTLE

Bertie John CLARK and George Edwin CLARK

George Davis COOK and William Henry COOK*

John COUZENS and William Robert COUZENS

Harold Edgar DARBY and Stanley Edward DARBY

Edgar Edward EDWARDS and Walter Percival EDWARDS

Charles William FEWELL and Thomas Richard FEWELL

Charles Robert HAGGER and Harold HAGGER

Alfred HARRIS and Thomas HARRIS

Christopher Jack HARRIS and George Alfred James HARRIS

George Alexander HOOKER and John William HOOKER

Ernest HORREX and Fred HORREX

George Albert KING and Thomas William KING

Arthur James LINGE and Ernest Henry LINGE

Frederick MINNS and Henry MINNS

John RICE* and Stanley RICE*

Christopher Mellor RIDLEY and Herbert Leslie RIDLEY

Frederick SMITH and George William SMITH

Austin Ewart STAINES and Ernest Walter STAINES and Henry James STAINES

Henry James TWINN and William Charles TWINN

Alfred WELHAM and Harry WELHAM

Benjamin Albert WOODYARD and Joseph Adams WOODYARD

Brothers (where one is commemorated):

Frank Brewster GREEN, Private, 9th (Service) Battalion Essex Regiment - killed in action on 18th September 1918; and Herbert Chrsitopher G GREEN, Private, 4th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment - killed in action 11th February 1917 (not commemorated at Chelmsford).

Dick BROYDE, Private, 2nd Battalion Essex Regiment - killed in action on 1st July 1916; and Sam BROYDE, Private 1st Battalion Essex Regiment - killed in action on 12th October 1916 (not commemorated at Chelmsford).

Cecil Herbert SARGENT, Sergeant, 23rd (Service) Battalion (2nd Football) Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex Regiment) - killed in action on 31st March 1917; and Morton Horace SARGENT Private 228089 1st/1st Battalion London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) - died on 28th May 1918 (not commemorated at Chelmsford).


Herbert BARNARD and John Rees BARNARD (died in Second World War)

Step-brother and step-sister:

George Christopher PLASTOW* and Louisa Mary ROLFE nee CROZIER (died in Second World War)

Father and son:

Charles James COOK and Edward Charles COOK

Uncles and nephews:

Charles Kentish BARNES and Edward Charles MILLER (died in Second World War)

Frederick GARDINER and Claude Ernest GARDINER

Thomas HARRIS and Joseph Charles O’SHEA

Alfred HARRIS and Joseph Charles O’SHEA

James LINDSELL and Arthur John ALGAR

Christopher Edward SALTMARSH and Arthur SALTMARSH

Frederick William TAYLOR* and George Francis Woodland TAYLOR

Arthur Evan THOMAS and Bertram Thomas Arthur EWERS (died in Second World War)

Frederick John TYLER and James Ebenezer TYLER

William Arthur WARNER and Thomas BREAKSPEARE

Thomas James WILKINSON and Leonard Charles BAILEY (died in Second World War)


Albert Henry BERRY and Frank Morris STEVENS

Richard Frank CHOAT and Stanley John CHOAT

John Harold COOK and George Davis COOK

John Harold COOK and William Henry COOK*

John COUZENS and Edward WALLIS

William Robert  COUZENS and Edward WALLIS

Archibald Alexander ELY and Douglas Havelock NEWMAN

Thomas Donald FISHER* and Leslie Albert FISHER

George Simeon RIDGEWELL and Leonard Charles RIDGEWELL (died in Second World War)

Arthur SALTMARSH and Christopher Edward SALTMARSH (died in Second World War)

Walter John SMITH and Bertie Walter SMITH (died in Second World War)

John Mitson WESTRIP and Sidney Arthur WESTRIP (died in Second World War)

Arthur Evan THOMAS was married to a cousin of Arthur Samuel RAWLINSON (Agnes Kate Sitch)

Percy ANDERSON’s aunt (Emily Wakefield) was married to an uncle of Arthur Samuel RAWLINSON (William Carter)

Uncles and Cousins once removed:

Herbert BARNARD and Samuel Allen BARNARD

John Rees BARNARD (died in Second World War) and Samuel Allen BARNARD

Second Cousins

Albert Henry BERRY and Leonard Raven BERRY


John Harold COOK and Englebert Francis KISTNER

William Robert  COUZENS and Edward WALLIS

Cyril John KILLICK and Stanley John CHOAT

Walter Charles LITTLE and George Charles SURRIDGE

Arthur Frederick JUNIPER and Sidney Walter RULE

Isabella Amelia Harvey, the wife of Ernest Henry LINGE  lost her brother-in-law Arthur James LINGE and her brother Edward George HARVEY.

Emma Julia Reed, lost her first husband, Edgar RAYNER*, then her son by her second marriage, Gerald Ivor BLUNDELL who was killed in an air raid on Chelmsford in 1943.