Others Who Served - X Y Z

Note: Many of Chelmsford’s streets have been renumbered since 1918, so the property numbers below may not necessarily relate to modern day property numbers.


YONGE, Philip Caynton (1877-1928)

YOUNG, Albert Victor

YOUNG, Arthur

YOUNG, Cecil Gordon

YOUNG, George (1885-1963)

YOUNG, Joseph

YOUNG, Reginald Arthur (1894-1965)

YOUNG, Sidney (1876-1956)

YOUNG, Thomas Arthur Cambridge (1882-1926)

YOUNG, William George

YOUNGS, Albert Edgar

YOUNGS, Thomas

Address - Unit served with

61 Hill Road - Essex Regiment

10 Mildmay Road

2 Angel Cottages Tindal Street

10 Mildmay Road

3 Park Avenue - Army Service Corps

6 French’s Square

10 Mildmay Road - Army Service Corps

3 White’s Square Tindal Street - Royal Engineers

8 (South View) South Primrose Hill - Royal Artillery

78 Rainsford Road

60 New London Road

8 South Primrose Hill