Peter Stafford Briggs was Essex-born and educated at Chelmsford's grammar school. During the war he served in the R.A.F.and was killed in an aircraft crash in Cornwall in September 1945. His parents lived in Rainsford Road, Chelmsford.

Peter was born in Essex in 1921, the son of Richard A. Briggs and Gladys Briggs (nee Stafford). His parents had married in Essex in 1919. He had at least one sister and one brother.

Peter attended King Edward VI's Grammar School in Chelmsford. His father worked for the Inland Revenue and was at one time chairman of teh Chelmsford Taxes Sports & Social Club.

He served as Flying Officer (Air Bomber) 159989 in 644 Squadron of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Peter was killed at  8:55 a.m. on 14th September 1945 when he was one of 21 killed on board a Halifax VII PN305 9U-W of 644 Squadron when the aircraft crashed at Priddacombe, Bolventnor in Cornwall. The aircraft had been enroute from its base at Tarrant Rushton in Dorset to the Azores and was carrying a crew of 7, plus 14 passengers. Due to an electrical failure, the dingy inflation valve was activated and the dingy blew up, came out of its wing stowage and fouled the tailplane assembly, restricting the elevators The pilot lost control and the aircraft dived into the ground.

Peter Stafford BRIGGS, Flying Officer (Air Bomber), 644 Squadron, Royal Air Force (Volunteer Reserve)

Killed in Cornwall when his aircraft crashed. Aged 24

He was aged 24.

Today Peter lies buried at Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery (Plot 39. Sec. H. Row F. Grave 256).

Peter is commemorated on the memorial at King Edward VI s Grammar School in Chelmsford.

At the time of his death Peter s parents were living at Coval Cottage in Rainsford Road, Chelmsford.

A nephew of Peter's was named after him when he was born in 1950.