Leslie Gordon Crosier (sometimes 'Crozier') was Chelmsford born and raised. After education at Trinity Road School he worked at the Hoffmann's bearings factory. He joined the Territorial army in the mid 1930s and was mobilized shortly before the outbreak of the war. He went overseas in June 1941. Two years later he was wounded and after recovery returned to his unit. He was killed in action in Italy in January 1944.

Leslie was born on 27th April 1918 in Chelmsford, the son of Ivy Ellen Crozier (born in 1899). He was baptised at St. John's Church, Moulsham on 3rd August 1918. At the time his mother was a single woman of 77 Upper Bridge Road, Chelmsford.

In September 1923 Leslie's mother brought an unsuccessful application before Chelmsford's magistrates against Ernest Ewart Freeman, married and employed at Hoffmann's works in Chelmsford, to show cause etc.

On 13th September 1923 Leslie's mother gave birth to another son, Jack Stanley Crosier who was murdered by the Germans  in 1944 when serving with the S.A.S.

Leslie is thought to have been brought up as an adoptive son of his maternal grandparents Henry Crozier (1863-1924) and Mary Ann Crosier (nee Mott) (1871-1955).

He was educated at Trinity Road School in Springfield and then worked at the Chelmsford ball-bearings manufacturer Hoffmann's.

Leslie Gordon CROSIER, Private, 5th Battalion, Essex Regiment

Killed in Italy. Aged 25

For four years prior to the Second World War Leslie served as a Territorial and as such was called-up in August 1939 with war looming. He served as Private 6011659 in the 5th Battalion, Essex Regiment. He went overseas in June 1941 with two of his adoptive brothers, and remained there until his death.

In 1943 Leslie was wounded but was able returned to his battalion late in that year, having made a good recovery. A few weeks later, on 10th January 1944, he was killed in action in Italy, aged 25.

At the time of his death his grandmother was resident at 77 Upper Bridge Road, Chelmsford. News of his death came initially in a letter from his adoptive brother B.Q.M.S. Dennis Victor Crosier who served in the same unit.

Today Leslie lies in Sangro River War Cemetery in Italy (grave XVII. B. 36.).