Kenneth Edward Nuttali was stationed in the Chelmsford area for much of the war. He was fatally injured  in July 1945 when the motor cycle he was riding crashed as he rounded a corner in Broomfield Road. His pillion passenger was seriously hurt. The accident was caused by the broken kick-start striking the road causing him to lose control. Kenneth's home was in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Kenneth was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1923, the son of Norman Edward Nuttall (1882-1952) and Katherine Mary Nuttall (nee Temperley) (1884-1976). The couple had married in Bolton in 1917. Kenneth's siblings included Joan Nuttall (1918-2000) and Margaret K. Nuttall (born 1923).

During the Second World War Kenneth served as Sergeant 636900 in the Royal Air Force. On 8th July 1945 Kenneth died in hospital during the early hours as a result of the injuries he had sustained in a road accident. The 24 year-old had been riding a motorcycle in Broomfield Road, Chelmsford with a pillion passenger when both men fell from the vehicle on a bend. The pillion passenger was seriously injured.

Kenneth's home was in Blackpool and had spent most of the war in the Chelmsford area.

A newspaper report of the inquest in Kenneth's death reported:

Kenneth Edward NUTTALL, Sergeant, Royal Air Force

Died in Chelmsford after a road traffic collision. Aged 24

"Broke Kick-Start. A broken kick-start on a motor cycle was responsible for the death of Sergt. Kenneth Edward Nuttall, 24, of the R A.F., stationed at Great Baddow. Sgt. Nuttal! was motor cycling along Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, on the night of July 7, with another R.A.F sergeant on the pillion, when sparks were seen coming from the centre of the machine, which crashed on to the path and through a hedge. Nuttall was fatally injured.

At the inquest at Chelmsford on Tuesday, the Coroner, Mr. L. F. Beccle, recorded a verdict of Accidental death. P.s. Bridge gave evidence of a scratch mark, 6ft. 10in. in length, in the road. The kick-start of the motor cycle was broken and was secured by a rubber band. Nuttall must have inadvertently left the kick-start down.

The Coroner: The explanation seems clear enough. Nuttall did not examine the starter to see that it was in a correct position; when he leaned over in taking the bend the starter came into contact with the ground and threw the machine out of balance."

Today Kenneth lies in Brookwood Military Cemetery in Surrey (grave 24. E. 10).