Others Who Served - E

Note: Many of Chelmsford’s streets have been renumbered since 1918, so the property numbers below may not necessarily relate to modern day property numbers.


EAST, Edward Claydon

EATON, Charles

EATON, Charles William

EATON, George (1898-1981)

EATON, James (1896-1962)

EDGCOMBE, Alfred William

EDWARDS, Jeffrey Owen

EDWARDS, Jeffrey Owen

EDWARDS, Percy John

EDWARDS, Reginald Herbert

EDWARDS, Reginald Henry

EDWARDS, William  (1892-)

EDWARDS, William Hector

EDWARDS, William Hector (1889-1978)

ELEY, John Reuben

ELLIS, Arthur Robert Percy

ELLIS, Frederick

ELLIS, James

ELLIS, James

ELLIS, James

ELLIS, Leonard George

ELLIS, Wilfred Ellen

ELLISTON, William Robert (1888-1916) +    

ELNAUGH, Arthur Stanley (1898-1968)

ELY, Archibald Alexander (1892-1918) +

ELY, Henry Forman

EMARTON, Horace Robert

EMBERSON, Harry James

EMBERSON, Herbert Nehemiah


Address - Unit served with

56 Mildmay Road

26 Anchor Street

26 Lower Anchor Street

23 Grove Road

23 Grove Road - Essex Regiment

7 Fairfield Road - Royal Garrison Artillery

1 Upper Bridge Road

4 Upper Bridge Road

8 St. Ann’s Place

16 Compasses Row

16 Compasses Row

60 Lower Anchor Street - Middlesex Regiment

29 Gainsborough Crescent

5 Sandford Road - Army Service Corps

23 Nelson Road

45 Cramphorn Road

13 Phillips' Cottages Arbour Lane

11 Crompton Street

10 Crompton Street

11 Crompton Street

16 Chelmer Place

29 Seymour Street

16 Lady Lane - King's Royal Rifle Corps

Baddow Road - Royal Engineers

4 Evelyn Terrace - Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

7 Victoria Road

11 Broomfield Road

11 Rainsford Lane

2 Upper Bridge Road

10 Legg Street


EMBLETON, Alfred George

EMERY, Sidney Arthur (1891-1971)

ENNOS, Frederick James

ENNOS, Reginald Leslie

EPPS, Harry William

ERNEST, Wilfred


EVANS, Frederick

EVANS, Harry Garfield (1885-1939)

EVANS, Hugh Gordon

EVANS, Lawrence George

EVANS, Sidney

EVANS, Stanley

EVANS, Wilfred James

EVE, Walter Owen


EVERARD, Charles Clifford (1882-1947)

EVERARD, George Thomas (1894-1975)

EVERETT, Clifford


EVERETT, Henry (1896-1949)

EVERITT, Arthur (1887-1954)

EVERITT, Clifford

EVERITT, Ernest Henry


EVERITT, Hilary Potter

EVERITT, Marcus Frederick


EVERITT, Travis William (1895-)

EVERITT, William James

EVERITT, William (1896-)

Address - Unit served with

1 Bramling Terrace Baddow Road

London Lodge, Hylands Park - Essex Regiment

6 Compasses Row

6 Compasses Row

Tile Kiln Farm Galleywood

4 & 5 High Street

45 Manor Road

51 Victoria Road

10 Threadneedle Street - Royal Engineers

Bungalow, Springfield - Labour Corps

6 Parker Road

225 Moulsham Street

43 Navigation Road

43 Navigation Road

10 New Writtle Street

13 Tower Avenue

55 Swiss Avenue - Army Service Corps

38 Townfield Street - Army Service Corps

172 Springfield Road

Barnes Cottages Sandford Road

5 St. Helen's Yard Baddow Road - RAMC

66 Arbour Lane - Essex Regiment

Ormond's Yard High Street

11 Phillips' Cottages Arbour Lane

5 Coppin's Yard Springfield Road

42 Broomfield Road

42 Broomfield Road

Ormond's Yard High Street

42 Broomfield Road - Honourable Artillery Company

11 Phillips' Cottages Arbour Lane

Barnes Cottages Sandford Road - Essex Regiment