Others Who Served - D

Note: Many of Chelmsford’s streets have been renumbered since 1918, so the property numbers below may not necessarily relate to modern day property numbers.


DACE, Frank Leonard

DACE, Henry Charles

DACE, William Arthur

DANCE, George Henry (1889-1975)


DARBY, John Frederick (1893-1967)

DARBY, Sidney Ambrose (1887-1968)

DASH: Percy Jonathan,

DAVEY, Alfred

DAVEY, Joseph Percy Hector

DAVEY, Herbert John

DAVIES, Harry Stanley

DAVIS, Alexander Joseph

DAVIS, Alexander Joseph

DAVIS, Bert (1895-1960)

DAVIS, Arthur Charles


DAVIS, Henry

DAWSON, Chas. Collis

DAWSON, Henry Edward (1879-)


DEAL, Albert

DEATH, Ernest Ben (1892-1951)

DEBNAM, Percy Gerald Carter

DENNIS, William Archibald (1887-)

DENNISON, Albert Thomas


DEVONISH, Harry George

DICKS, Thomas William

DIGBY, William

Address - Unit served with

14 George Street

158 Moulsham Street

28 Navigation Road

Widford - Royal Berkshire Regiment

10 Townfield Street

Moulsham Street

6 Railway Street - Royal Army Service Corps

32 Rainsford Road

14 Regina Road

134 Upper Bridge Road

74 Moulsham Street - Labour Corps

58 Mildmay Road

32 Anchor Street

32 Baddow Road

12 Wolseley Road - East Surrey Regiment

108 Mildmay Road

18 Duke Street

79 Broomfield Road

15 Compasses Row

2 Well’s Row George Street - Essex Regiment

12 Duke Street

27 Rochford Road

Baddow Road

8 King Edward’s Avenue - Army Service Corps

Rainsford Road

36 Hamlet Road - Royal Warwickshire Regiment

72 Mildmay Road

10 Wood Street

207 Upper Bridge Road

3 Windmill Hill Arbour Lane


DIXON, Charles Middleton (1889-1956)

DIXON, Gainsford Daley (1888-1963)

DIXON, Joseph Gilbert (1895-1954)

DIXON, Lancelot James (1897-1963)

DODD, Arthur John

DODSON, Henry Walter

DOME, Leslie Wilfred

DOOLE, Edgar

DOOLE, Walter William

DOWLING, Michael


DOWSETT, Alfred John

DOWSETT, Frederick

DOWSETT, Walter Richard

DOWSETT, William Charles

DRAIN, George William


DRIVER, John Edward

DRYHURST, George Edwin Victor

DUMONT, George

DURRANT, Spencer Rushmore

DYER, Ernest Edward

DYKE, Albert Ernest

DYKE, Leslie Walter

Address - Unit served with

28 Cramphorn Road

25 Nelson Road

120 Springfield Road

12 Park Avenue

12 Navigation Road

5 Rainsford Lane

Rosedale Baddow Road

7 Burgess Well Road

7 Burgess Well Road

19 Crompton Street

6 Wells Row George Street

29 Orchard Street

6 Wells Row George Street

Garden Cottage Rectory Road

6 Wells Row George Street

61 Duke Street

10 Anchor Street

194 Springfield Road

141 Upper Bridge Road

66 Lower Anchor Street

4 Griggs Yard

18 Nelson Road

27 Townfield Street

30 Victoria Road